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The challenge of selecting the right wick takes time.

The best way to find the right wick is to test each wick in the final candle formula chosen.

Before test burning, the following should already be established:

Candle type:
Container (Glass, Metal, Ceramic, etc.)
Wax type:
  Paraffin Based (Fully-refined, Semi-refined, Petrolatum, etc.)
Natural Based (Soy, Palm, Stearic, etc.)
Paraffin/Natural Blends (Comprised of both Paraffin and Natural Waxes)
  Essential or Synthetic oil, $5.00 - $20.00 per pound.
The percentage of fragrance in the candle.
  Light or dark.
Chips, liquid, powder or flakes.

Once the formula of the candle is complete, it is then time for the step of testing for the right wick. 

Certain wicks may not burn as well as others depending on the final make-up of the candle.  Be sure to read the full product description of our wicks before testing. (See the “Products Page” for further details.) 

Several different wick types for each size candle should be tested. 

Sample Preparation:

The candle should cool overnight before lighting it. This allows for it to completely cool into its solid state.

Test Burning:


Selecting a Wick

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Selecting a Wick
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Selecting a Wick
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