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When beginning to make candles, try to envision the type of candle you may want to have in your house; strong scent, nice colors, no smoke or soot and an overall safe clean burning candle.

Now try to envision the work needed to make this perfect candle.  Some may say that all you need is some string, some wax, some scent and some color, mix it all together and pour it into a container and let it sit then light it up.

As you may or may not realize yet, IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE.  Below we would like to offer you some basic tips to remember when developing your candles.

THE GOLDEN RULE FOR MAKING THE PERFECT CANDLE IS TEST TEST TEST. Whether you are making paraffin candles or natural candles each can be made to burn properly and cleanly if you just take the time. Know your ingredients, take the time necessary, run several rounds of testing, lighting and relighting multiple times. We recommend test burning your candles for 3-4 hours per burn. This should be repeated 5-6 times or to the completion of the candle before determining that you have chosen the correct wick.

As a last bit of advice the best thing you can do to make a good candle is TEST TEST TEST!

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