About Us


 WICK IT was started in 1998 to bring higher standards, better customer service and greater value to the wick and clip manufacturing business. The candle industry was booming and WICK IT entered the market hoping to enable their customers to make the best possible candles. In 2002, WICK IT purchased Wick n’ Clip in order to continue high standards of service and quality; while maintaining some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Joe Blythe is the sole owner with over 25 years of experience in the candle industry. Previous to owning WICK IT, Joe had the opportunity to develop and manufacture candles for companies such as Avon, and SC Johnson. During these times he began to learn and appreciate the true value of total quality which he brought to WICK IT. Throughout Joe’s experience within the candle industry, he has come across and solved most of the problems that can occur during the candle process.

WICK IT focuses on the challenges its customers may face as candle makers. The company’s innovative approach to solutions enables its customers to make the best candles possible. Joe looks forward to helping you overcome any of your wicking and candle challenges that you may have. He would like to say thank you to all of his loyal customers who have helped WICK IT to continue its growth. Please feel free to contact him if there is any way he can help you in your candle endeavors.